Negative SEO, Moving Away from Forms, Productivity Software, and More [Roundup Post]

Cleaning Up a Massive Negative SEO Attack with Web CEO [Article]

I’ve dealt with a client that got hacked in the past and it sent me into a total panic. Suddenly there were hundreds of spammy backlinks pointing back to my client’s site and I was scrambling to deal with them. This article from woorkup does a good job of walking you through the Web CEO tool and how to deal with a negative SEO attack. Hopefully you never have to deal with a hacking situation! Read more

Future of Search, SEO Tools, Featured Snippets Study, and More [Roundup Post]

4 Tips That Will Prepare You for the Future of Search & SEO [Article]

Search Engine Journal puts out consistently good and informative articles in the world of search, and they also they release webinars and host conferences as well. Read more about these 4 tips they present in the article:

  1. Use Psychology & Technology to Shape Strategy
  2. Structure Your Site Around Topics
  3. Think Beyond Google
  4. Devise a Flexible Measurement Strategy

Read more

Influencer Marketing, Outreach Case Studies, and SEO KPIs [Content Curation]

Guide to Influencer Marketing eBook

I’ve been trying to do more research into proven methods of influencer marketing and outreach. In the past I have done outreach in a kind of fly by the seat of my pants fashion, so this ebook was a good opportunity to get a better understanding of established influencer marketing strategies. Here’s a good stat from the ebook: 83% of buyers prefer 3rd-party opinions to evaluate vendors. Read more

On-page SEO Tips, Twitter Quiz, Google Phrase-Based Indexing, and More [Content Curation]

9 Actionable Techniques That Work for On Page SEO [Video]

Brian Page is undeniably an online genius. Backlinko is a great resource for online strategies, and this video is a good roundup of on page SEO tips, 9 of them to be exact. I really recommend watching the video, but here are the 9 tips that he lays out and explains in an easy to understand manner:

  1. Use Super Short URLS
  2. Include Keyword In URL
  3. Use LSI Keywords
  4. Publish Long Content
  5. Optimize Your Title Tag For CTR
  6. Use External Links
  7. Use Internal Links
  8. Maximize Site Speed
  9. Use Multimedia

Nothing in here is super shocking, but like I wrote in my comment to Brian, which he responded to with a smiley face, “it’s always good to be reminded of these things and have a reliable source like Brian if people try to disagree with your tactics.” Read more

I Read 121 Books This Year and These are the Ones I Recommend

Every year I set New Year’s resolutions. And every year I usually only stick to one. This year I actually completed two of my resolutions: I ran the Chicago Marathon and I read 115 books. Not to brag, but I actually read 121 books.

Every time I tell people how many books I read they always say to me, “I could never read that much!” And every time I roll my eyes and say, “Yes, you can.” I did a blog post last year recapping the books I read in 2014 that I liked so I won’t repeat my advice on finding time to read, but you can read it yourself if you’re in the mood for unsolicited advice.

But I do think people should read more. I don’t really give a crap what you read (God knows I read enough trash), but you should read more. Here are ways to find some good books to read:

  • Join Goodreads. The site will recommend books for you based on ratings you give to books you already read. Or you can just browse genre sections and see what’s new or popular. Plus, it has a very active community, so there are always a bunch of reviews and ratings.
  • Follow a book blog. Find a genre you like and research the blogs. It’s crazy how many extremely active book blogs there are.
  • The NPR book concierge is a fantastic interactive tool to help you narrow down to a book that’s just right for you.
  • What Should I Read Next? It’s a pretty simple website where you can just type in an author’s name or a book title and a whole list will populate.
  • Go to an actual brick and mortar bookstore. I’m completely guilty of not doing this enough. I order almost all my books online or get them on my Nook. Even if you don’t want to ask the staff what they would recommend, I say just browse the shelves, take a peek at something that looks good, judge a book by its cover. I once had a date at a bookstore, and it was a blast, so there’s that option if you are dating a reader.

Now onto the list, shall we? Read more

I Read 111 Books in 2014 and These Are the Ones I Recommend

The one, of about five New Year’s resolutions, which I actually fulfilled is to read 100 books in 2014. No, I didn’t continue to eat gluten, vegan, and clean throughout the year (that lasted about a month). No, I did not get down to my goal weight (Maybe this year!).

But I settled myself into bed every night with a book and read through page after page until I reached my goal. I actually read 111 books, not to brag or anything.

Before I get into the books I will recommend, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to read more books this year. Because nine times out of 10, when I tell people I read 100 books this past year I will get the response, “I never could read that much!” Oh contraire, my friend. Yes, you freaking can read more!

Here’s how:

  1. Bring a book with you. Everywhere. Yes, everywhere. I don’t care if you’re only on the bus for seven minutes, bring a book. Sitting around waiting for your boyfriend or girlfriend to finish getting read? Read a couple pages. Read during lunch. Read while you are waiting for your date at the bar. Just read, dammit!
  2. Read before bed. Even if you’re the type who falls asleep within three minutes of hitting the hay, read a book for those three minutes. Or go to bed 15 minutes sooner to read in those 15 minutes. Do you sense a theme here? Just read, dammit!
  3. Get an e-reader. I have found that ever since I bought my Nook I have blown through books. It’s easier to pull out and read in public places. A 500-page hardcover book is just plain annoying to lug around and read on the subway. On an e-reader? Not as big of a deal. Plus, e-books are cheaper.
  4. Read what you want to read. That 600-page tome by the crusty old fiction writer may be all the rage in the literary community, but if it’s not your cup of tea, then don’t read it. People ask me all the time what I’m reading, and guess what? I’m not telling them because half the time it’s a chick lit romance book or a young adult dystopian novel that I’m a little embarrassed to be reading. That’s what I like and that’s what I’m going to read. So just read what you want to read, dammit!

Alright, now that you have my unsolicited advice on how to read more in 2015, here are the books I read in 2014 that I recommend. Read more

The 24 Podcasts I Listen To: My Podcast Addiction

Podcasts have taken over my listening habits. In fact, as I’m writing this post right now, I’m listening to a podcast (Sklarbro Country, to be specific). Doug Loves Movies was my gateway drug. I started with just one, but then began itching for more. I couldn’t stop. I just needed one more episode, one more subscription.

Now, I’ve given up the fight. I’m a podcast junkie. It’s time to just accept my fate.

Here are the podcasts I listen to, presented in alphabetical order so as not to give the impression I favor one over the other. Although, I make it pretty clear which ones are my favorites. They are podcasts, not my children. Read more