My Work

Below you will find a selection of blog posts and video pieces I have worked on throughout my career. I’ve had the privilege of getting to interview and write stories about Harvard faculty members, proud business owners, adult students working on their degrees, and many other characters.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work on the website for the Harvard Extension School, Harvard Summer School, and Harvard Professional Development Programs. My work on these sites ranged from simple copy edits to overall content strategy.

I host my full portfolio on Contently, so please feel free to peruse my work there if it so intrigues you.

How to Write a Great Resume and Cover Lettter

What makes a great résumé and cover letter? Linda Spencer, assistant director and coordinator of career advising at Harvard Extension School, shares examples of a few strong résumés and explains what makes them standouts.

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Beyond the Monuments Men: Saving Cultural Infrastructure

Robert Swithers, who received his undergraduate degree from the Extension School, is not exactly a modern day Monuments Man. He’s never recovered a stolen work of art as the famed group of WWII did. But he has saved ancient Roman roads, preserved treasured memorials, and built bridges for communities overseas.

Through his 26 years in the military and his role as chief of intelligence for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Swithers has seen the importance of the human terrain become a critical part of the US military’s mission. “The battlefield is changing, and it’s not just about the mountains, the rivers, the valleys. It’s about the people, and it’s about the cultural and religious sites,” he says.

In the countries where he was stationed, he developed a deep knowledge of cultures and religions to help the military make connections with locals.

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Junior League in the Thanksgiving Spirit: Done in a Day at the Chicago Basket Brigade

Every year Thanksgiving comes and goes and I kick myself for not doing more to give back to the community. I gorge on turkey and mashed potatoes and feel a niggling of guilt for the not finding some type of volunteer activity.

The Junior League graciously gave me an easy opportunity to engage in the Thanksgiving spirit when a Done in a Day (DIAD) was posted to volunteer at the Chicago Basket Brigade. The Chicago Basket Brigade is an event that happens each year right before Thanksgiving and was inspired by Tony Robbins and his experiences as a child. He recalled growing up in a struggling family and someone knocked on their door with a basket of Thanksgiving food. He said it changed his life and wanted to share his story with others to encourage a giving spirit.

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A Passion for Food and Technology

Food and technology brought Natali Gingrasfield to her thesis topic: a food truck finder. Through her capstone work, she was able to explore her passions while stretching herself and create something her co-workers could benefit from as they searched for lunch. A web communications specialist at Harvard Business School, Gingrasfield answered some questions about her capstone.

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Organic Sessions for New Site

I worked on a brand new site that launched in July 2016. Through my work on their SEO, I was able to increase their organic traffic to over 1,600 sessions a month by February 2017.

Krav Maga Documentary

This is a five-minute documentary I made for my production class in college. I worked with a partner to film it, but edited my own final product using Final Cut Pro.