Facebook Paid Social, SEO Periodic Table, Google’s SERP Features, & More [Roundup Post]

Why Facebook Paid Social Builds Organic Reach [Here’s Why Episode]

Eric Enge is a SEO genius. He literally helped co-write the SEO bible. This video describes how by boosting your Facebook campaigns helps with their organic reach, because let’s be real, with Facebook you have to pay to play.

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors: 2017 Edition [Infographic]

It’s here! Whenever I talk to people about the basics of SEO I always go, “Make sure to check out the SEO periodic table!” It clearly lays out the different factors that go into SEO, and it also delves into the negative issues that can impact your SEO. I like to print this out and keep it on my desk.

Are Google’s SERP Features Stealing Traffic from Your Site? [Research]

Another great study from Ahrefs! While a lot of us SEOs push to get that featured snippet or get listed in another Google SERP feature, this study shows a lot of those features actually reduce clicks on traditional organic results. For instance, in this study they found SERPs with featured snippets resulted in 18.5% less clicks than those without the non-organic feature, though they did find results with site links did increase click throughs.

How Machine Learning Impacts the Need for Quality Content [Article]

Eric Enge gets listed twice in this roundup! I’m a firm believer that understanding and being able to optimize for machine learning is going to be critical for SEOs moving forward. But luckily, in order to optimize for things like RankBrain, you just really need to focus on high quality content and creating a good user experience. Enge lists 3 steps to tell you what your priorities should be:

  1. Create high-quality content
  2. Measure and continuously improve user satisfaction with your site
  3. Establish authority with links

30+ Experts Reveal Best Marketing Channels to Drive Massive Traffic [Roundup Post]

The best performing marketing channels, as suggested by the experts, are going to be of no surprise to anybody familiar with digital marketing:

  1. Google (21 Votes)
  2. Social Media (8 Votes)
  3. Email (6 Votes)

Bad SEO: Never Do This with Your Internal Link Structure [Article]

I’ve been working on an internal linking project so this was a good article to read over and remind myself of the best practices with internal linking. Let’s be real, internal linking is tedious work, but it’s necessary work and can really aid you in your SEO efforts. And it’s best to get the efforts right at the very beginning so you don’t have to clean up things later.

Random Fun Finds

We’ve got 2 this week! Just couldn’t resist sharing both of these with you.

What We Learned About Sexual Desire From 10 Years of Pornhub User Data

This article was freaking fascinating! Reading up on the sexual habits of Americans was incredibly insightful and also pretty hilarious. For example, searches for “elf” go up 464% at Christmastime. Come on, that’s funny. And in honor of today being Father’s Day (ewwwwww!), searches for “dad” and “daddy” go up 1,361% on Father’s Day. That one…that’s…I don’t even know.

Mobile App Gives Felons a Fresh Start

This article is just another reminder that there is good in the world. The app Clear My Record is helping felons reduce or clear their criminal records.

“The platform helps people reduce or dismiss nonviolent convictions by submitting crime information to public defenders, streamlining a process that can take months and multiple visits to a county courthouse.”

It’s only for California right now, but so far has helped over 2,000 Californians!

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