Negative SEO, Moving Away from Forms, Productivity Software, and More [Roundup Post]

Cleaning Up a Massive Negative SEO Attack with Web CEO [Article]

I’ve dealt with a client that got hacked in the past and it sent me into a total panic. Suddenly there were hundreds of spammy backlinks pointing back to my client’s site and I was scrambling to deal with them. This article from woorkup does a good job of walking you through the Web CEO tool and how to deal with a negative SEO attack. Hopefully you never have to deal with a hacking situation!

How to Retarget the Middle of the Funnel in an Increasingly Form-less World [Article]

I’m a big fan of finding ways to make it easier for customers to get through the sales funnel. I think moving away from forms is inevitable, and this article discusses the different techniques you can utilize. One company discussed in the article changed their form-based approach to to a new service that let customers automatically schedule sales calls. Conversion rates jumped to 50% and 61% of leads scheduled a call. Food for thought.

The Big Question: What is Your Must-have Productivity Software? [Article]

Full disclosure, I am included in this article, but there are fantastic tips in here on how to increase your productivity and great tools that are recommended by the experts. Here’s my piece of advice:

“If email is your preferred method of communication in your business, you should try, as hard as possible, to get on Gmail.

It’s accessible, becoming more of a standard, extremely mobile friendly, and is easily integrated with your calendar.

Does anyone really enjoy using Outlook?


Get off of that antiquated system and on to Gmail where it’s easy to sort, filter, tag, archive, and the list goes on.

Employees will rejoice.”

Who should optimize content: SEOs or content writers? [Article]

This is something that has been frequently argued in the SEO community. Should your content writers be in charge of getting the content optimized, or should the SEOs take control of this? I believe that if everyone in the marketing department knows the basics of SEO, it can only aid the process going forward. And the article tends to agree with me.

67 Experts Reveal Top Competitive Analysis Tools [Expert Roundup]

This article just basically confirms why I love Ahrefs so much. It was voted number one or number 2 in almost every category. If you need an SEO tool, get Ahrefs.

Does Social Media Help SEO? [Final Answer]

Social media should definitely be a part of your digital marketing strategy, and it can certainly aid in the process of link building. But the fact is that social media is not a ranking factor, so don’t focus on building an audience on Twitter in the hope that it will directly correlate with the higher rankings. Use social media for building brand awareness, aiding promotions, and building relationships.

Random Fun Find: Cracking the Popularity Code

I wasn’t the most popular kid in high school, but I certainly wasn’t a loner and had a good group of friends. But let’s be real: the really popular kids always seemed to have it good. And now we’ve learned that being popular helps you throughout your life:

“Studies show that people who are likable are afforded privileges that become reinforcing and self-perpetuating. As children, those who are liked are invited to join others more often, and each of these interactions offers extra opportunities to learn skills that were denied to unlikable, excluded peers. Over time, these skills lead to even greater likability, additional learning occasions, and so on, creating a cycle that leads likable people to not only enjoy more positive reputations, but truly advanced skills and competencies. ”

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