SEO KPIs: What Are They and How Should You Pick Them


Let’s start with the basics: KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. It’s incredibly important to identify your SEO KPIs as you start on your SEO campaign. You need to be able to measure progress in your campaign to see if you efforts are returning any value. Specific KPIs are going to differ, but there are major ones your should be reporting on and using to measure your SEO campaign. Read more

7 Stages of Emotion After a Google Algorithm Update [Gifs]

As a SEO, whenever I read that there has been a Google algorithm update it sets off mild anxiety inside me and I go to check my analytics to check if there has been a drop in traffic. Then I hurry up and load Search Console to see what it is reporting for my target keywords. Good times, am I right SEOs?

I thought I’d walk through the major stages of emotion a SEO goes through when they learn of an algorithm update.

Stage 1: What?

minion what

What is happening? What happened? What did this do?! Read more