Content Marketing Playbook, Google Directive Chart, Semantic Search and SEO, and More [Content Roundup]

The Decentralized Content Marketing Playbook [Infographic]

Content is king. That is the tired cliche of marketers. And while it is tired, it remains true, but this infographic from Hubspot highlights the need to focus on content that is just not the traditional blog post, as noted in the snippet from the infographic above.

Google Feedback On SEO’s Google Directive Chart [Article]

Dawn Anderson (who is a really good follow on Twitter if you’re into SEO) created this chart that shows the level of directive Google takes from a specific signal. John Mueller weighed in as well, and it’s always useful to hear Google weigh in as well.

Semantic Search and SEO: Everything You Need to Know [Article]

Semantic search has been something that has been increasingly piquing my interest. Most articles, like this one, fall back on the idea that semantic search is about helping search engines produce results that really get at the core of what the user needs and wants with their query. But this article, written by the knowledgable Eric Enge, does a good job of diving into the details and timeline of semantic search.

We Field Tested 5 Popular Link Building Services: The Results Are Disturbing [Case Study]

This post captured my attention and actually made me run late one day this week because I was so engrossed with it. As a SEO, building links is one of my top priorities, and I have been tempted by link building services that have been pitched to me. Come on, it would make my life so much easier! But as this article disappointedly pointed out, we’re better just doing it ourselves.

Random Fun Find: Subway-style Diagram of the Major Roman Roads, Based on the Empire of ca. 125 AD.

This map is made by a University of Chicago sophomore who just happens to like maps and makes them in this spare time. He has a collection of cool maps on his site, but this is particularly interesting and I shared it with a bunch of colleagues because I loved studying it and following the “lines.”

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