Writing Prompts, Link Building Ebook, Technical SEO, & More [Content Roundup]

Writing Prompts, Link Building Ebook, Technical SEO

61 Writing Prompts That’ll Lead You to Your Next Business Blog Post Topic [Article]

If you’re blogging on a regular basis, it can be hard to come up with ideas again and again. And this can be true if you work in a traditionally “boring” industry. Salesforce put together this list of 61 writing prompts that can help you come up with some fresh blog ideas for your site and maybe help cure your writer’s block.

The SEO Project [Ebook]

Link building ideas and techniques—I can never get enough of them. This is a very comprehensive ebook with a hell of a lot of link building ideas. There are couple that I want to try using and I would suggest downloading this ebook to see if some might work for you. The ebook clocks in at over 400 pages so it’s got a lot of ideas! If you’re looking for another good ebook on link building, Paddy Moogan’s is a good resource.

Google Remove URLs Status Expired In Google Search Console [Google Update]

Google Remove URLs Status Expired In Google Search Console

Google’s John Mueller clarified a Google Search Console feature. In Search Console you can remove pages of your website from the index and it will list the status of the request in the column next to it. Some people were seeing the status as expired and Mueller explained it means, “the removal request is no longer needed.”

40 Technical SEO Mistakes [Study]

Technical SEO can scare some people off because they automatically think that it is for developers. In reality, a lot of these things can be done easily yourself. This study by SEMRush shows in an infographic the common technical SEO mistakes they found across the web. The study says that:

  • 80.17% of websites had 4xx errors
  • 65.53% of images were missing an alt attribute
  • 63.25% of web pages were missing a H1 tag

All Star Customer Success: The One Part of Your Business You’ve Been Neglecting [Article]

I was recently excited to open my Silk creamer for the first time and pour it into my coffee on a Sunday morning. I opened it up to find it has morphed into yogurt.

Needless to say, I was a bit horrified. As seen above, I tweeted my disgust with images. I thought Silk would respond right away with a coupon of some sort, or ask me to DM them with some more information.

Did they do that? No. They tweeted me back 2 days later asking me to call them. Yeah, because that’s what I want after getting a defective product is to hop on the phone with their customer service department when I’ve clearly laid out all the issues in my Tweet.  All I wanted was an apology and a coupon and I would have been satisfied. So simple, yet they failed. And I’ve never bought Silk since.

Like my anecdote shows, if you do not have a system in place to provide customers with a good customer experience, you need to. If your brand reputation is awful, digital marketing is not going to help you that much.

Strikingly prides itself on customer service, and wrote an article on how they have built up their team, which are lovingly called Happiness Officers. They offer great advice on how to keep on top of your customer service so people stay happy: Keep the response times as low as you can and the quality of your answers high with emotional intelligence in the forefront of every response. Also, turn all of your alerts and notifications on your phone, “ON.” Set up those Google Alerts and prepare to please, delight, and offer creative solutions – at ludicrous speeds.

How to Determine if a Page is “Low Quality” in Google’s Eyes [Video]

google quality content

I’m always a fan of Rand’s whiteboard Fridays and this one is no exception. Check out the video to see how Google determines quality and how to figure out if your content is quality.

Random Fun Find: How Do You Weigh Scorpions or Measure Lions? Patience and Bribes.

Every year the London Zoo has to weigh each and everyone of its habitants, which is a massive undertaking. The article goes into the different techniques that zookeepers have to use to get the animals on the scales or get them to stand next to a measuring tape of some kind. But when it comes to what animals are the most difficult to measure?

Then there are the aptly named squirrel monkeys. For one thing, they are spread across 16 large enclosures. And some have had babies: two to be precise.

And for another, they live up to their names.

“You’ll have eight or nine of them trying to jump on the scales,” he said. “They’re more interested in playing. They’re pretty cheeky.”

That’s it for this week’s digital marketing and SEO roundup! And as always, feel free to contact me with articles you think I should think I should check out.

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