7 Stages of Emotion After a Google Algorithm Update [Gifs]

As a SEO, whenever I read that there has been a Google algorithm update it sets off mild anxiety inside me and I go to check my analytics to check if there has been a drop in traffic. Then I hurry up and load Search Console to see what it is reporting for my target keywords. Good times, am I right SEOs?

I thought I’d walk through the major stages of emotion a SEO goes through when they learn of an algorithm update.

Stage 1: What?

minion what

What is happening? What happened? What did this do?!

Stage 2: When Did This Happen?

when did it happen simpsons

When did this happen? Why won’t Gary Illyes tell me when exactly this happened? Damn you Gary and your scuba trips!

Stage 3: Panic

ned flanders panic

Oh Jesus, my organic traffic went down 2%! The world is ending!

Stage 4: Calming Clients

nothing to see here

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. Google updates its algorithm over 500 times a year, and this is just another update. Don’t be scared! No, my voice is not shrill right now! You’re shrill! Your mom is shrill!”

Stage 5: Reading Everything You Can About the New Update


*Pulls up Google* Is this update named after another fish? Is this one targeting spam? Is it targeting thin content? Fat content? Body shaming content?

Stage 6: Carefully Monitor Every Metric

metric rollercoaster

I’m going to refresh Google Analytics every 10 minutes until I feel in control of my life again. 

Stage 7: Acceptance that Google Just Controls Your Life

accept it

It’s over Google owns me, my life, my websites, and I must surrender to their will…

If you’d like to keep up to date on what is going on with Google and all of their annoying algorithms, make sure to check out our weekly digital marketing and SEO roundup. Also, feel free to contact me if you have questions about SEO. I’m always happen to nerd out on SEO!

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