SEO Content Strategy, Higher-Quality Content, Actionable SEO Tips, & More [Content Roundup]

SEO Content Strategy, Higher-Quality Content, Actionable SEO Tips, & More

How to Turn Keywords Into Can’t-Miss Content Ideas [Article]

A crucial step in your SEO campaign is doing keyword research, implementing those keywords, and prioritizing content ideas. This guide from Digital Examiner walks you through the whole process. The guide is informative and extensive, and you can operationalize the techniques that are listed:

  • Find your target keywords
  • Building and organizing keyword lists
  • Turning keywords into content

Combine These 5 Research-Based Ingredients for Higher-Quality Content [Article]

higher quality content

The tired phrase of digital marketing is content is king. And yes, while this is a tired phrase, it’s true, but how do you create content? Copyblogger is a great resource to help you become writer for the web and this particular article goes over 5 must-have ingredients to create well-written content, and all conveniently start with the letter “a”:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Accessibility
  3. Application
  4. Action steps
  5. Authority

75 Actionable SEO Tips (That Work Like A Charm in 2017) [Tips]

Another fantastic article from Ahrefs with real-life actionable SEO tips to help you make your website a well-oiled optimized machine! The article is divided into sections so you can easily skip to what you care about, like link building, on-page SEO, or technical SEO. A lot of the tips also have links to further reading.

Maximize Your Visibility in Local Search Results [Ebook]

If you want to learn about local SEO, David Mihm is the man to go to. He started Tidings, which is a tool to help you create email newsletters, and he also worked for Moz for a long time working on their local product. So he knows his stuff when it comes to local search. He wrote this ebook on how to help your business gain visibility in the local SERPs and it’s an extensive resource that can help your business.

The Three Marks of Great Content [Article]

Content marketers are often told, “Create amazing content!” But what does that exactly mean? What makes a certain piece of content from just being “good” to being “Oh my God! I have to share this immediately!” This article goes through what is actually great content and gives examples and real-world definitions. They say that great content can be boiled down to these three factors:

  1. Is it useful?
  2. Is it aligned (with both reader needs and business goals)?
  3. Is it unique?

I’m absolutely in line with this quote from the article:

In summary, when planning your content, start with a clear definition of your business and its goals, then find the real needs and questions of prospects that relate to those goals, and produce content that bridges the two.

Random Fun Find: A World #WithoutHermione

Spoiler alert: Voldemort wins, everyone dies

What would Hogwarts have been like if Hermione hadn’t been allowed to go? Read the above quote. The wizarding world would have been in deep shit. The Harry Potter Alliance started the #WithoutHermione campaign as a way to bring attention to the plight of girls across the world who are not allowed to go to school simply because of their gender. They also created this heartbreaking Hogwarts un-acceptance letter.

If you are interested in participating, you can go to and donate to help more girls across the world get their high school diploma!

Speaking of Donating…

We’ve seen a hurricane absolutely decimate Puerto Rico, and they need all the help they can get. On top of that, we saw a horrible mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas was a punch to the gut for me. I’ve spend a lot of time in Las Vegas, back from when I was a little kid. My grandmother lives near there and her friends travel there a lot. I got up Monday morning, learned about the incident and immediately reached out to her to make sure her and all of her friends were OK. Having to make those kinds of calls are awful, and I feel for anyone who had to make those calls and not get the good news that I did.

If you feel like you want to reach out and help, I did some research to find legitimate charities where you can give money and help out even if you’re far away.

Help for Puerto Rico

Help for Las Vegas

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