Mistakes Made By Fox Sports, Content Strategist Work Day, & More [Content Roundup]

Mistakes Made By Fox Sports, Content Strategist Work Day, & More

FoxSports.com has reportedly lost 88% of its audience after pivoting to video [Article]

This article, if true, is a fantastic case study of why you you need to understand your audience before you make a big business decision with your website. Fox Sports made the decision to pivot to video and in the process their traffic dropped 88%.

So this article should serve as a case study for you if you’re thinking about making major content changes to your website. Are you taking away the thing your audience loves about your site? Do you actually know what your audience wants? If you don’t, you better answer those questions before making big changes. Fox Sports didn’t and now they are paying the price.

A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist [Article]

Sometimes people hear the word “content strategist” and aren’t really quite sure what that means. Contently answers those questions by laying out hour by hour what a content strategist does each day. Being a content strategist is a challenging role and some of things this content strategist touches on are:

  • Content assessments
  • Strategy proposals
  • Investigating keywords
  • Educating others on content strategy best practices
  • Pitch meetings

Google: Ranking Fluctuations With a Site Redesign [Article]

SEOs often get really scared about big changes to a website because of the changes it might cause  and fluctuations in rankings. Well, Gary Illyes basically said they are right. He said:

If you want to do a redesign of your site, then redesign the site. After that, once the ranking fluctuations gone away – because if you redesign of your site, it’s almost, I can almost guarantee that you will see ranking fluctuations. And that is normal, that is working as intended.

Google will have to recrawl your site including your boilerplate content, so it takes some time for Google to adjust. Take a deep breathe, and if you have a sound website with the technical aspects in place, things will be OK.

Matthew Barby: Growth Talks [Video]

Matthew Barby is amazing and his email newsletter is a must subscribe if you are in the SEO industry. Canva sponsors talks and wisely had Barby in to talk about how he has helped Hubspot grow while there. Below is the video:


Anatomy of a Google Search Listing [Article]

Stephan Spencer is a SEO giant. He literally wrote the book on it. In this Search Engine Land article, he dissects every aspect of a Google search listing. Even small changes to the SERP can draw attention to your listing, so focusing on the little things can pay off.

Random Fun Find: How To Survive A Brutal Hangover At Work: An Illustrated Guide

survive hangover

Should you drink on a work night? No. Does it happen? Yes, of course. Oh, I’m sorry, but do you expect me to not have some beers on Super Bowl Sunday while yelling at the TV? It’s going to happen. That’s why Girlboss (which has an awesome podcast, by the way) put together a guide on how to deal on those days when you’ve maybe had too much fun the night before.

That’s it for this week’s SEO and digital marketing roundup. Comment below if you have an article you think I should check out.

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