Inbound Marketing Tips, SEO SWOT Analysis, & More [Content Roundup]

Inbound Marketing Tips, SEO SWOT Analysis, & More
So I’ve been off the past couple of weeks and haven’t been keeping up with the weekly SEO and digital marketing roundup. There was Thanksgiving, side projects, my full time job, and, you know, sleep. But I’m back baby!

25 Inspirational Inbound Marketing Quotes From Experts [Expert Roundup]

Full disclosure: I am featured in this article, but there are some good tips in there, including mine (in my opinion!). Here’s my tip:

I’ve learned from working in the inbound marketing world is that you need to be focused on the customer. What do they have questions about? What do they need help with? What are their frustrations? And then you can frame your marketing strategy around answering those questions and how your product can help your potential customers. You need to be there where your customers are and that channel can differ from industry to industry, but if you’re providing informative and useful information your customers need, you’re on the right track.

SEO SWOT Analysis: Focus your efforts in areas that deliver results [Article]

SEO SWOT analysis

When you are starting work on an SEO campaign, it’s important to look at the where you need to focus your efforts. That’s where a SWOT analysis can come in handy. I would not recommend using a SWOT analysis to decide if someone should die or not (thanks to Silicon Valley for informing the world about SWOT analysis). Use Search Engine Land’s example of a SEO SWOT analysis and see how you can apply it to your site.

Google Ranking: Query Diversity and Video Position Bidding [Interview]

Eric Enge got to do an interview with Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst with Google, at Pubcon this year. Getting to hear how Google handles how to decide what SERP features appear for a query is really fascinating. They go over the example of someone searching “jaguar” and how someone could be looking for more information on the animal, car, or the football team, and Illyes explains how and why this query deserves diversity.

How Do I Rank Higher in Google Local Search? Our Checklist for Local SEO [Article]

Bruce Clay knows SEO and is a voice in the industry worth listening to. If you’re looking to make sure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed for local SEO, check out this article. Clay covers:

  • Housekeeping signals
  • Keywords and content signals
  • On-page signals
  • Linking signals
  • Local Pack signals
  • Social signals
  • Success signals

Random Fun Find: How Much Do Common Football Injuries Cost Without Insurance?

So if Deshaun Watson had to pay for his own injury, it would eat up about 4% of his salary. Without insurance, common injuries that occur to NFL players would force the average American to have to spend 3.2% to 33.6% of their salary on fixing their broken body. Yikes. Makes you rethink the random football game in the park. Check out the infographic below.

Made by Opploans

Full disclosure, I work at Opploans, but I really like the infographic! And so did Reddit and Mile High Sports.

That’s it for this week’s SEO and digital marketing roundup! As always, let me know in the comments if you think there is something I should include. Have a great week!

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